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Safe separation between private and business. Never surprises with a strong financial plan.

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Doing business without risk
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A clear separation between private assets and business entrepreneurship.

1 working week before creation

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Count on one week before the foundation. For this you need to provide all information quickly.

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De BV, een pure Belgische vennootschap.

Out of the Private Company.

The new BVBA from 1 May 2019 is called the BV. Two letters are deleted from the name. In addition, the new company law is more dynamic than ever before. The risk for the shareholder remains limited, just like in the BVBA.

The financial plan remains an essential condition for maintaining limited liability. The new legislation imposes conditions that the financial plan must meet. We help if certified accountant zodat je meteen van start kan gaan met de volledige beperkte aansprakelijkheid.


The BV allows some creativity:

  • No minimum capital, no full payment obligation.

Without a doubt that the BV is the most popular form to do business in Belgium and abroad. No personal liability and no minimum capital.

De sancties voor het ontbreken van een robuust financieel plan blijven van kracht. Is dit document niet op orde? Dan is de kans groot dat u alsnog persoonlijk aansprakelijk bent bij een faillissement binnen de drie jaar.

  • Kapitaal: voldoende voor de voorgenomen activiteiten en is zelf te bepalen
  • Number of managers: 1
  • Minimum aantal aandeelhouders: 1
  • Different categories of shares are possible
  • Stemrechten mogen verschillen van de aandelen. 1 aandeel =1 stem hoeft dus niet.

The cooperative companies that exist after 1 May 2019 are best transformed. All new cooperative companies from 1 May 2019 are automatically best formed in the form of the BV.

To celebrate this ....
Cost price

Advice, guidance and drafting (mandatory) financial plan: 800 euros
Temporary offer: 599 euros. 
Notary fees: depending on the notary, calculate an average of 1000 euros. These can be settled directly through the notary.

Just like the BVBA, a BV can only be established with the intervention of a notary. A cheaper alternative is the Comm.v or VOF, although they do not enjoy limited liability.  


Registered capital


Minimum to be paid up


Minimum number of managers


Minimum number of founders

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