Starting a company in Belgium

Short overview of the legislation and administrative tasks

Found a Belgian company

Your looking into the possibilities of founding a Belgian company. Congratulations, you’ve come to the right place. Starting a company in the country with the best chocolate and beer isn’t as hard as it sounds. As of the 1ste of may 2019 we have a new company law. Things have been simplified. You can start a limited company without any need of capital.

You already have a foreign company and want a Belgian VAT-number

If you already have your foreign company, it is possible to request a Belgian VAT-number. This elimitates the need for a Belgian company. An example is a Swiss company that needs a Belgian VAT-Number for the EORI-number. They can simply request for a Belgian VAT-number and EORI-number. We can assist you with such a service. Don’t hesitate to contact us if your interested.

Employment LIMOSA

if you want that one of your employees (EU-countries) works in Belgium, you have to do a special declaration (LIMOSA). We can take care of this complex and high-risk administration task.

Link: What is LIMOSA and do I need this? 

Fiscal advice

Looking for a clear view on the rather complex Belgian tax system? Look no further and hook us up for an appointment. We’re specialized in optimizing Tax for SBE.

The pro’s:

-Central Europe.

-The capital of the EU

-Good ecosystem

The con’s

-Wages not a cheap as eastern Europe.

-Weather is terrible

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