Sole proprietorship

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Sole proprietorship

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Sole proprietorship

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Why choose a sole trader?

No simple establishment directly through the enterprise counter, but real advice from an accredited accountant. That is what makes so interesting. 


A sole proprietorship entails a limited administrative burden. The establishment is simple and we help you with a smooth start.


A sole trader is a popular form of business. Interesting for both main occupation and secondary occupation, depending on your activity. For only a few hundred euros you have your own business. We take care of your social contributions, taxes and returns.


De belastingberekening is een eenvoudige opgave. De inkomsten uit de eenmanszaak worden namelijk gewoon in de personenbelasting aangegeven. Voor lage inkomens is dit fiscaal interessant. Voor omzetten vanaf 12000 euro raden wij een vennootschap aan. This does not have to cost much extra. Bovendien zal je deze extra kost snel terugverdienen.

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